“Panic Pure”–Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt : “Panic Pure” Live : 9.21.1998

Vic Chesnutt – “Panic Pure” as Recorded on West of Rome

Great art is at once defined by courageous honesty, and clear direct open eyed language that conveys all the emotions and energy of the experience.

Vic Chesnutt is one-of-a-kind when it comes to direct language and lyricism. Admittedly I was late to the show on this artist, but even as a late fan it is clear beyond doubt his sad and powerful music haunts this song.

This is the full Lyric of the poem/song, “Panic Pure”.  If you don’t feel something you must already be rotting in your skin.

My earliest memory is of holding up a sparkler
High up to the darkest sky
Some 4th of July spectacular
I shook it with an urgency
I’ll never ever be able to repeat
At times I might be accused of being
Painfully nostalgic
But as of late I’m looking forward to the future
Though I’ve never been much of a planner
Throwing caution into the fan
Catch as catch as those catchers can
And so all you observers in your scrutiny
Don’t count my scars like tree rings
My jigsaw disposition, it’s piecemeal properties
Are either smoked or honey cured
By the panic pure.

Great Cover Kristin Hersh – Panic Pure (Vic Chesnutt)


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