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“Black Hole Sun”–Soundgarden

Soundgarden Live 1996

The Great orginal Music video by Soundgarden for A&M Records

This Chris Cornell composition was released in 1994 as the third single from the band’s fourth studio album Superunknown . I was not deep into the grunge scene. I really liked punk, classic rock, jazz, and reggae at the time, but something about this song seemed epic. It was like a modern day version of the Yes’s, Roundabout, a pop and rock song perfectly balanced and with a hook that drilled deep into my head.

Revisiting the song the lyric and performance reminds me of a prayer for the apocalypse.

Chris Cornell Solo

In my eyes,
In disguise
As no one knows.
Hides the face,
Lies the snake,
And the sun
In my disgrace.
Boiling heat,
Summer stench.
‘Neath the black
The sky looks dead.
Call my name
Through the cream,
And I’ll hear you
Scream again.

Black hole sun,
Won’t you come
And wash away the rain?
Black hole sun,
Won’t you come?
Won’t you come?
Won’t you come?

Black Hole Sun by Chris Cornell of Soundgarden – Live Earth 2007

Peter Frampton

“Dig Me Out”–Sleater-Kinney’

Sleater-Kinney’s Last Show: 24. Dig Me Out

I am a complete newbie to this band.  My first contact with Carrie Brownstein is Portlandia, so my first impression of her is as an actor and hilarious comedian.  My second impression after hearing the amazing band, Sleater-Kinney, is that she is a bad ass musician.  I guess I am kind of bummed that I slept through this band, but thanks to the SGN I have now seen the light. The band also had rockers, Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss.

“Dig Me Out” is just damn good rock and roll.

English: Carrie Brownstein of the band Sleater...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dig me out, dig me in
Outta this mess, baby, outta my head
What do you want, what do you know?
One to get started, three till we go
Dig me out, dig me in
Outta this mess, baby, outta my head
Dig me out, dig me in
Outta my body, outta my skin
You got me for now
I’m here for now
What do you want, what do you know?
Do you get nervous makin’ me go?
Get into your sores, get into your things
Do you get nervous watchin’ me bleed?

Sleater-Kinney Dig Me Out @ 924 Gilman Punk Prom 5/30/97